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How We Help Our Customers

Experis Data Centers, based in Middletown, VA, works with our customers to ensure that their businesses are always up and running as efficiently as possible by providing data center support and operations with offsite data center management. All organizations need support services to ensure smooth 24/7 business operations – no one can do it alone. The need to develop working partnerships, as well as technical support and operational support, is critical in the maintenance of business continuity.

The Experis team is comprised of industry experts who have been providing world-class infrastructure support services and solutions as well as technical support for more than a decade. Each high availability data center is designed to achieve 100% uptime, which means your business won’t stop running – even if there’s a natural disaster or a terrorist attack in the D.C. metro region (Virginia, Maryland and D.C.). The operational support you need is always there.

Experis is proud to partner with leading industry providers. We team up with top companies to offer our customers top brand equipment and service. Contact us for more information on the benefits of partnering with Experis.

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) to get more information about how to protect your data from disaster.

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