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AWS Outage Puts Spotlight On Private Cloud Advantages

AWS Outage Puts Spotlight On Private Cloud Advantages

By Steven Burke, crn.com

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 outage on Tuesday that wreaked havoc on cloud service providers is shining the spotlight on the advantages of private cloud computing backed up by trusted advisors.

Problems with the AWS S3 storage service in the Eastern U.S. region affected a range of cloud services, including Slack, Quora, and Trello, according to reports on Twitter. Based on customer tweets the problems started around 9:40 am  PST.

The AWS status page reported at that time  “increased error rates” among S3 in the U.S. Eastern region. Applications dependent on S3 will continue experiencing problems, the cloud provider said, adding it’s working to remediate the outage.

An AWS update at 2:08 pm PST stated that the AWS service was back up and running. “As of 1:49 PM PST, we are fully recovered for operations for adding new objects in S3, which was our last operation showing a high error rate,” AWS reported. “The Amazon S3 service is operating normally.”

Raymond Tuchman, CEO of Experis Technology Group, a fast-growing Potomac, Md.-based HPE private cloud powerhouse with its 80,000 square-foot cloud services data center, said the AWS outage is a case study in the advantage of private cloud versus a public cloud model. “The educated customers are starting to understand the inherent risks of being in a public cloud and are moving to private clouds to minimize risk, have better security and lower costs,” he said.

The AWS outage demonstrates the need for customers to be “educated on what they are buying in terms of cloud services,” said Tuchman. “There are risks on public and private clouds. Customers need to understand those risks and  make the proper business decisions.”

Customers also need to be acutely aware of the cost of private vs. public cloud, said Tuchman. A recent proposal with a cost analysis done by a CFO customer put the cost of AWS at $159,000 per month versus $60,000 a month for a private cloud, he said.

Another big advantage for Experis customers is the “personalized” services the company provides – a sharp contrast to the online only support provided by AWS, said Tuchman.

“We offer a personalized service to each and every client,” said Tuchman. “They are able to get to me or any of our executives to handle any and all issues. With Experis, you are not just a number getting information from an IP address.”

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