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A Data Center in a Box: Experis’ Latest Complete Package Solution

A Data Center in a Box: Experis’ Latest Complete Package Solution

Potomac, MD – Experis Technology Group is excited to announce the first sale of their “Data Center in a Box”. The complete HPE supported data center, which includes complete redundancy, was fully integrated by Experis. Multiple units were sold in the initial transaction with the customer.

The revolutionary Data Center is a complete infrastructure in a 24U compact rack. While a standard 42U rack is 73” tall, this rack is 49” tall. This is a perfect system for remote sites and small offices due to its condensed structure.

The Data Center in a Box includes the following:

  • Redundant Physical Servers
  • Redundant 10GB Network Switches
  • Highly Available HPE 3PAR Array
  • Highly Available HPE StoreOnce Array
  • Redundant UPS Systems
  • VMware Enterprise Plus
  • Microsoft Data Center
  • Veeam Backup

About Experis Technology Group, Inc.

Experis Technology Group, Inc. is a leading high availability infrastructure architecture firm focusing on designing, building and supporting the IT infrastructure that keeps companies operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year around the globe. They architect high performance, high availability systems in an effort to sustain continuous performance.

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