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Experis Technology Group provides mid-sized law firm complete infrastructure solution

Experis Technology Group provides mid-sized law firm complete infrastructure solution

Potomac, MD — Experis Technology Group, Inc. has been chosen to implement a hyper-converged HPE SimpliVity solution for a mid-sized law firm in the Washington, D.C. region, replacing their old existing traditional compute/storage platform.

The solution includes multiple HPE Simplivity all flash systems located in production and their disaster recovery location.  This solution also solves the challenge of the ability to backup and recover their systems in minutes in case of any failures. The traditional system would take several hours to perform backup and to recover from ransomware or other issues.

Now, complete failover to the data recovery (DR) site happens in less than 60 minutes for over 50 virtual machines (VM). Further more, recovering single emails and other items takes less than a few minutes—and cloning systems takes less than 60 seconds. Developers can create new VMs in less than a minute, all in a system that takes up less than 10U in a rack saving space and power expenses.


About Experis Technology Group, Inc.

Experis Technology Group, Inc., specializing in Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery solutions, provides complete high performance, highly available computing, storage, network systems and enterprise management software to organizations for support of their IT infrastructures.

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