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Experis Data Centers provides data center services trusted by companies small and large from across North America. Experis has a wide range of services, including colocation & disaster recovery as well as cloud and/or managed services. The data center focuses on addressing connectivity needs starting with equipment and ending with disaster recovery services. We combine a team of experienced professionals and data centers with 100% up time to provide our customers with the best possible IT environment to suit a wide range of needs.

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) or read more about our individual offerings below.


Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services
Experis Data Centers’ colocation and disaster recovery services provide a highly secure and reliable, carrier-neutral environment that companies, nonprofits, and other organizations use to deploy computing, network, storage, and IT infrastructure. With unlimited and real-time storage, replication, and cloud back-up, our data centers ensure that your applications are always safe from disruption and corruption.Read more »

Cybersecurity Monitoring
Experis Data Center’s Cybersecurity Monitoring service extends the security of critical information by enabling awareness, increased compliance, rapid response and the ability to manage cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Experis provides 24-7 monitoring 365 days a year to protect against threats and ensure regulatory compliance.Read more »

Dedicated Private Hosting
Experis Data Centers provides complete turnkey certified systems that our customers have complete control over – all over a virtual environment. With a SSAE16-certified location, our never-go-down data center features redundant, high-speed, multi-carrier networks to maximize speed and availability.Read more »

Managed Services
Experis Data Centers’ managed IT services are ideal for organizations that require a secure, redundant IT environment to support their business-critical systems and applications. The Experis Data Center has redundant, high speed, multicarrier networks to maximize speed and availability and Experis’ qualified, trained technicians monitor our customers’ applications around the clock and provide remote, hands-on support to assist in troubleshooting.Read more »

Network and Connectivity
Experis Data Centers maintains a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals that has a focus on addressing a wide range of connectivity needs, including vendor connectivity and circuit design, network design, complex network services, voice connectivity services, and multiple connectivity options. The systems are located in an SSAE16-certified, secure, never-go-down data center and our team provides the connectivity, the support, and the knowledge to provide the best data center services in the region to meet the challenges of today’s workforce.Read more »

Replication and Storage Services
Experis Data Centers provides dedicated 3PAR storage arrays for customers to use as a secondary storage location for backup or disaster recovery. A cost effective way to keep data safe and up-to-date, our replication and storage services provide customers with a primary 3PAR that acts as a speedy and efficient way to enable direct replication of block and file services or as a target for VMWare, Hyper-V, or Backup environments.Read more »

Private Cloud Services
Experis Data Centers provides private cloud services using both fully managed private and hybrid cloud solutions. Experis offers CPU power, storage capacity, and backup retention with the security, control, and performance of the dedicated environment our clients are used to. As an HPE Service Provider Partner, Experis’ disaster recovery data center full of top brand equipment and certified engineers has the systems designed to make managing cloud solutions easy and the capacity to ensure that our customers and their data are treated well and taken care of at all times.Read more »
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