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Colocation & Disaster Recovery Services

Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services

Experis Data Centers is run by a team of experts who own and operate a self-contained data center just out of the blast zone of the Washington, D.C. metro area. Experis’ cloud backup and colocation services act as Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS – meaning we take care of making sure your data is never out of reach.

With space ranging from single cabinets to large, customized cages and private suites, our customers come in all sizes. The only thing that some of them have in common is a disaster recovery plan that involves server colocation to protect their information in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Provider 50 miles west of Ashburn, VA

Because Experis is a DRaaS provider 50 miles west of Ashburn, Virginia and out of the blast zone, our data center would remain intact even in the event of an attack on or disaster within the national capital region. But our building, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Winchester, VA, is within an hour’s drive of the capital – and its airports – Experis is easy to get to with hardly a moment’s notice.

Experis’ infrastructure as a service (IaaS), disaster recovery services (DRaaS) and work recovery spaces offer unlimited, real-time private cloud, storage, replication, and cloud back-up systems that allow our customers to rest assured that their applications are always safe from disruption or corruption that may result from unforeseen events. In addition, Experis’ cloud backup services offer a highly secure, reliable, and carrier-neutral environment in which to deploy your computing, network, storage, and IT infrastructure.

With a disaster recovery plan and a colocation space for your most valuable data and applications, colocation hosting at Experis, a DRaaS provider, not only makes for fewer headaches in your workday, but our Virginia data center will help your company, agency, organization, or nonprofit reduce the capital and operational expenses required to house and protect your mission-critical systems and information.

In addition to hosting your computing environment and providing disaster recovery services, Experis can also host your employees in case of emergency – be it broken water pipes or regional power outage, we’ve got the colocation services to meet your needs. With constant connectivity, our work recovery spaces offer a place to relocate at a moment’s notice when the worst possibilities become reality.

Experis Data Centers’ Virginia Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services

Experis Data Centers, located 50 miles west of Ashburn, VA provides the following:

Rack Space:

  • Cabinets featuring 42U of available space.
  • Primary and back-up power sources.
  • Fully-conditioned power by UPS, backed up by generators.

Custom Cages:

  • Private steel cages with secure doors.
  • Multiple cabinet configurations.
  • Custom racks and floor standing equipment.

Private Suites:

  • Dedicated data center suite designed, built, and operated for use by a single customer.
  • Permanent walls with dedicated space in a secure, blast-protected environment.

Network Operations Center (NOC):

  • Simple to complex systems management.
  • Data management backup services.
  • Sourcing of hardware and software products and services.
  • Complete professional services group for specific projects and installations.

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) to get more information about how to protect your data from disaster.

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