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Managed Services

Managed Cloud Services

Experis Data Centers’ managed IT services are ideal for organizations that require a secure, redundant IT environment to support their business-critical systems and applications. Experis Data Centers is a qualified managed services provider with redundant, high-speed, multicarrier networks to maximize speed and availability and Experis’ qualified, trained technicians monitor our customers’ applications around the clock and also provide remote, hands-on support to assist in troubleshooting and managed server hosting.

Our managed private cloud services allow organizations who don’t wish to – or are unable to – have their own backup on- or off-side backup servers with a secure and available way to guarantee employees and customers continuity of operations. Experis’ managed network services include managed colocation and disaster recovery in the Ashburn, Virginia location.

Experis Data Centers’ Managed Server Hosting Features

Experis Data Centers, located near Ashburn, VA provides troubleshooting and analysis-based support, which often require a higher degree of experience or certification from our on-site technicians. Managed network services include:

  • System Administration
  • System Monitoring
  • Patch Installations and Updates
  • Software Loads
  • Software Installations
  • Network Management
  • Network Installations and Operating System Activities
  • SAN and Storage Design, Implementation and Configuration
  • Server Design, Implementation, and Configuration
  • VMware Activities

Services can be contracted hourly on a retainer basis. Custom services are available, as are cloud back-up services from 1TB to more than 1PB.

Certifications and Support

Experis’ highly qualified IT personnel maintain the following certifications:

  • Cisco CCIE (WAN, IP Telephone, Security)
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Microsoft MCP
  • HPE Certified SAN Architect
  • HPE Certified Enterprise Systems Design
    • Servers, including Blades
    • Storage
    • Networking
  • VMware
  • EMC Technology Architect
    • SAN, NAS, CAS Technologies
    • Backup and Archive Products
    • Replication Technologies
  • EMS Technology Implementation
  • Veritas
    • Net Backup (Unix and Windows)
    • Enterprise Vault
    • Storage Foundations

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) to get more information about how to protect your data from disaster.

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