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Replication & Storage Services

Replication & Storage Services

Experis Data Centers provides cost effective, efficient data storage and data replication solutions for businesses. Our dedicated 3PAR storage arrays provide customers with a secondary network storage location for backup or disaster recovery.

By using the Ashburn, Virginia data centers of Experis, an HPE Platinum and Service Provider Partner, businesses have a cost effective way to keep data safe and up-to-date without the responsibility of managing any on- or off-site network storage for themselves. Our data replication, data synchronization, and network storage services provide customers with a primary 3PAR that acts as a speedy and efficient way to enable multiple types of data replication, including block, file services and object storage or as a target for VMWare, Hyper-V or Backup environments.

With Experis, customers can use their own 3PAR equipment or ours – whatever suits your company’s needs best. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians will design, implement and manage the environment so you can focus on your core business. Our secure data center located in Middletown, Virginia is outside of the Washington, D.C. blast zone and is backed up by resources at Equinix in Ashburn, VA.

The Experis team has the experience and the systems to make managing data replication, data synchronization, and network storage easy and vendor independent. By engineering data storage and data replication solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs, Experis offers businesses the exact right solution.

Experis Data Centers’ Virginia Data Replication and Storage Services

Experis Data Centers, located near Ashburn, VA provides the following:

Network Storage:

  • Keep data secure and up-to-date
  • Cost-effective
  • 3PAR equipment
  • Hyper-converged solutions
  • Truly unique solutions

Data Replication:

  • Mixed workload support to increase consolidation opportunities
  • Persistent technologies to deliver 100% uptime and Tier 3 resiliency
  • Online and offline recovery
  • VMWare and Hyper-V integration
  • Storage Federation for array and data migration
  • Automated sub-volume tiering optimizes service levels and reduces costs

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) to get more information about how to protect your data from disaster.

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