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Read what our clients are saying about Experis Data Centers.

Contact Experis Data Centers today via email (info@experisdatacenters.com) or phone (877-689-DATA) to get more information about how to protect your data from disaster.



Experis provides a full service to their customers. They can provide a client whatever they need. Over the years, Experis has been very accommodating and have worked closely with us. Larry and his team are excellent. Experis offers reasonable pricing and their team comes up with whatever solution is necessary to make a tenant happy. [...]

Birch, Stewart, Kilasch & Birch

Experis has been a very valuable ally and partner for me and the firm. Experis has helped me with both the configuration and backup of our disaster recovery solution.  Their team is very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. They always present us with enough information to make decisions. The data center is [...]


Experis is nimble, flexible, and fast. I would describe our relationship with them as a strategic partnership. Their team provides excellent customer service and has a lot of experience. With Experis, you are always able to get ahold of someone, unlike larger data centers that get wrapped up in their own process and make things [...]

National Student Clearinghouse

Our organization has been working with Experis for almost five years. They fully provide for all of our disaster recovery needs. Experis has a qualified, professional staff that’s able to support us and they are willing to do what it takes to help a customer; they always go above and beyond. The greatest benefit of [...]


Experis offers a combination of services and benefits that make them a great fit for a mission-driven, not for profit organization like PBS. Experis is efficient and economical, offering equipment that is well maintained and functional. Their location is great and meets our requirements of being on a different power and utility grid and at [...]

Strategic Investment Group

We originally hired Experis because we needed to satisfy client requests, but the likelihood of a business continuity event isn’t unrealistic to imagine, and Experis provides us with what we need to be prepared. Their team is very flexible and patient, even over the long process we went through, they were willing to do whatever [...]

Brethren Mutual Insurance Company

We’ve had a great working relationship with Experis for more than five years. Our organization builds on long-term relationships, and that’s what we see with the Experis team. They are very willing to work with us on short-term needs. One time we needed a rack quickly; they put it in and said we could discuss [...]

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